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JPCSP is the first PSP emulator that is written in JAVA. Most people think java is too slow. But Shadow and his team has proven us wrong. The newest Java versions are almost as fast as C which makes it very interesting for emu dev's. Shadow and his team are working day and night with pleasure on the emu, many coders have dedicated to the project. Because it's written in java many young devs find it interesting to learn how the emulator works.

JPCSP - Developers

Greece shadow Project starter/leader
United Kingdome fiveofhearts HLE programming
France hlide A very good java coder.
France Orphis Core & HLE programming
Unknown Dreampeppers99 Helped alot in the early stages of the project
Unknown gid15 Graphics & HLE programming
Unknown mad
Unknown shash Graphics programming
Spain gigaherz After annoying him various times we finally have him on the team
Unknown zarjan
Unknown aisesal Graphics programming
Unknown mozvip

Website - Developers

Netherlands Qwin Coder and designer of the webpage.
Netherlands Pim Smeets Helped out mastering the page design.
France Orphis Helped out with some javascript of the webpage