JPCSP v0.5 released

A new version for jpcsp has just released . This version include a lot of fixes and speedups , more games will work better , compatibility has increased a lot and you can figure out more by yourself by d/ling it from our download section.

For the time being only win32 version released but more releases for win64 and linux will follow.
Latest progress

Latest fixes on jpcsp has fixed a few more games. Below are screenies from Silverfall , Pirates and Untold Legends - Brotherhood of Blade. Enjoy

Crisis core on r1303

it is Slow. Lights, enemies and character flashes all time.But it seems that it start working

Crisis Core shots?

No! Game is not playable nor close to it but here are two screenshots showing the progress from our last svn builds.

Merry christmas and happy new year to everyone. Next year will be full of surprises . Stay tuned!

Ridge Racer 2 and Pirates of Caribbean shots!

Two more games reported to be playable (but slow ) in the latest v0.4

The game are

Ridge Racer 2
Pirates of Caribbean:At World's End

JPCSP v0.4 -64 bit released

Due to many requests i also upload a version for 64bit windows. I have tested it on my win7 - 64bit. Download it from our d/l section as usual