Last year i was working on a project for converting JPCSP source to C language.

Although it was progressing well , i didn't work on in lately due to other obligations with pcsp , pspe4all .

Today i decided to release it's source in case someone want to check it or maybe help with it.

It is based on an old src (revision 950 if i remember ) and it's capable to run a few framebuffer demos (minifire , threadstatus ,rtcdemo are a few that come to my mind)

Source is located here :

Have fun
pspudb is now open source

The popular psp iso manager is now open src!

It seems that my time is quite limited lately so i decided to open src it for anyone who wants to check it and perhaps to add more features :
Hykem needs our help

As you have noticed Hykem one of the main authors of jpcsp is not longer available. I had a chat with him today and he said that his laptop has totally destroyed and he can't afford to get a new one.
So i jumped and made a donate of 100$ for him . Of course he needs more than that so if anyone is willing to help him pls donate using the paypal button at the left of the site and i will make sure to forward these donations to him.

Jpcsp asks for your help once more

Greetings shadow
New compatibility site

A new (beta) site for checking psp games and psp emulators compatibility from jpcsp at

We still working on this but you can get an idea
Latest svn builds (r2483)

Hello again

Here are the latest snapshots of jpcsp. Changes includes increase compatibility for software render,cleanups a new frameskip option and several compatibility fixes.

Also don't forget pspudb a tool is being developing from jpcsp , pcsp team and it's a frontend that includes support for all the above emulators.Check it out at :

Here the links:

win32 build:

win64 build:




Tekken 6 goes ingame