JPCSP Releases

JPCSP v0.7 (June 28, 2013):

-> Added support for rendering in software mode, not using the GPU;

-> Added Game Pad support;

-> Major performance improvements in the graphic processing (see new Video options);

-> Automatic decoding of stereo ATRAC3+ audio using SonicStage;

-> Rendering of fonts using "sceFont". OpenSource fonts are provided as a replacement
for the PSP fonts. But the PSP original fonts can be used for maximal compatibility;

-> Automatic decryption of encrypted EBOOT.BIN and PGD files.
Savedata files can also be loaded/saved in an encrypted form, like on a real PSP;

-> Added the configuration of regional settings
under "Options" > "Configuration" > "Region";

-> Configuration settings can be changed "on the fly",
i.e. the changes are effective immediately;

-> Draft implementation for the support of Video UMDs;

-> Basic network support:
Infrastructure network is almost complete.
Adhoc network is only working between two Jpcsp, not with a real PSP.
Port shifting is available to support running two Jpcsp instances on the same computer.
Signin to the PlayStation Network is not supported at all;

-> A lot of compatibility improvements in almost all of the PSP modules;

-> Major code cleanup in the module architecture (now using Java reflection);

-> New method used for computing FPS. The FPS value is now more reliable but usually lower
than on previous releases. It doesn't mean that the Jpcsp performance is now worse,
but just that the previous FPS counter was over-optimistic;

-> Added Frame skipping option;

-> Added cheat import from cheat.db;

-> Added export function for the current 3D scene in Wavefront .obj/.mtl format,
including the textures;

-> Added texture modding;

-> Added functions to clear the texture and vertex caches;

-> Added option to change the PSP clock speed;

-> Improved integrated Debugger;

JPCSP v0.6 (September 18, 2010):

-> Included compilation of several "Allegrex" instructions in dynarec for a
much better performance;

-> Performed major code cleanups and reorganization;

-> Fixed and improved module loading:
- Corrected import and export's mapping;
- Implemented newly discovered loading methods.

-> Updated all modules with the most recent findings;

-> Added all new save/load (savedata) modes;

-> Reviewed and improved all kernel object managers:
- Implemented each kernel object manager's attributes;
- Added full LwMutex support in a dedicated kernel object manager
- Provided corrections for mutex, semaphore and event flag managers;
- Properly implemented VPL and FPL handling.

-> Improved graphics' handling:
- Splitted rendering into a new RE (rendering engine);
- Cleaned up and optimized VideoEngine;
- Fully implemented, corrected and organized main GE commands;
- Improved shaders' usage and stability;
- Introduced a geometry shader for increased speed in rendering;
- Fixed display list processing;
- Improved the performance of several GE commands.
- Implemented the VideoEngine processing in a parallel thread,
to take advantage of dual-core processors and
match the PSP dual-core architecture.

-> Implemented a MediaEngine for video and audio playback (based on FFMPEG):
- Added video playback support in sceMpeg and scePsmfPlayer;
- Added ATRAC3 audio playback support in sceAtrac3plus;
- Improved "UMD Browser" to display images, load videos and play sounds
from the UMD data.

-> Improved main GUI and debug tools:
- Added a "Cheats" menu with CWCheat support;
- Provided a cleaner organization and display of settings;
- Removed "Emulation" menu;
- Improved the "Logger" tool;
- Added a new "Image Viewer" tool.

JPCSP v0.5 (March 09, 2010):

-> Lots of code cleanups;

-> Graphical improvements:
- Shader improvements;
- VideoEngine optimizations;
- Textures handling fixes;

-> Implementation of interrupts' management:
- Implemented Alarm, VTimer and VBlank interrupts;

-> Saving/Loading improvements:
- Implemented LIST_LOAD and LIST_SAVE modes;
- Improved mode 8 (MODE_TRY);

-> Improvements for faked MPEG functionalities:
- Implemented partial YCbCr mode support;
- Implemented partial PSMFPlayer faking;

-> Inclusion of multi-language packs:
- Added English, French, German, Spanish, Catalan and Lithuanian packs;

-> Beginning of threaded IOAsync operations implementation;

-> General fixes for module loading;

-> Small improvements of HLE functions.

JPCSP v0.4 (December 23, 2009):

No changelog available

JPCSP v0.3 (July 17, 2009):

No changelog available

JPCSP v0.2 (March 13, 2009):

No changelog available

JPCSP v0.1 (December 15, 2008):

No changelog available

JPCSP v0.09 (October 22, 2008):

No changelog available

JPCSP v0.08 (September 11, 2008):

No changelog available

JPCSP v0.07 (September 04, 2008):

No changelog available

JPCSP v0.06 (August 06, 2008):

No changelog available

JPCSP v0.05 (August 02, 2008):

No changelog available

JPCSP v0.04 (July 30, 2008):

No changelog available