Tekken 6 goes ingame

The 3rd birthday - Hexyz Force

Good morning and happy new year! Here on JPCSP we working hard to get the latest games working! Below there are some screenies from 3rd Birthday and Hexyz Force . Enjoy :)

Thumbnails 14kveqp.jpg ULUS10506-Shot-0.jpg ULUS10506-Shot-2.jpg
JPCSP v0.6 released!

At last, a new official release. A lot of improvements have been done in both emulation speed and accuracy.
Be sure to check the README for the full changelog.

You can find it in the "Downloads" section.
Join us to facebook

JPCSP has now an official facebook fan page!

Join us at :!/pages/Jpcsp/137802192931070
Bleach Heat of Soul 2

For some reason (i am not a japanese guy so i don't know why) this game appears to have a lot of funs out there so guess what it is finally playable on latest svn version (1764).
Here are some screenshots that have been post to the forum :)

Thumbnails bleach_1.jpg bleach_2.jpg bleach_3.jpg
Progress Update

Hello, Hykem here!

Since the last news update there have been some major fixes and upgrades to JPCSP, which haven't been posted here.
However, following the forum moving, will finally undergo some big changes, starting with the more regular news briefing.

So, let's start with a new game report: "Harvest Moon: Hero of the Leaf Valley".
In the latest revisions, this 6.20 firmware game is now fully playable with just a small graphical bug (misplaced character's shadow) and lack of background music (undecodable AT3+ audio).

Thumbnails ULUS10458-Shot-0.JPG ULUS10458-Shot-1.JPG ULUS10458-Shot-2.JPG ULUS10458-Shot-3.JPG ULUS10458-Shot-4.JPG